Michigan DA PI

DA recommends that each group have a public information representative, who works with the DA tools to reach out to media and places debtors who still suffer may encounter our message.

How can a PI rep do this? DA recommends this as a way to start:

“The first thing to do as a Public Information Representative is to let others know you are spreading the word of D.A. The Public Information Committee suggests you look at your meeting as the center of a bull’s eye, and consider the area in close proximity as your target. Place a flyer about your meeting or a meeting schedule in the building it is housed. Next, consider your location and the places near your meeting with a community bulletin board or a stream of people, such as a supermarket, library, or church. Encourage other meetings to elect a PIR, and you can form a committee to brainstorm ideas and widen your net.

+++click here to download a flyer created for michigan meetings++

How can I best carry the message in our community?

First and foremost, familiarize yourself and your group with the suggested processes in the Public Information Manual for Debtors Anonymous. It includes most of the details about how to organize your PI media activities. But, wide D.A. experience shows that it’s best to start small: post flyers or meeting schedules with basic D.A. meeting information and local contacts on bulletin boards in recovery centers, AA centers, recovery bookstores, religious institutions, and the like.”

More literature is available on the DA website, including an outreach letter aimed at helping professionals and more.