Basic Workshop Information


Thank you for your interest in our 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshops.

Our 5-meeting workshop sessions meet within a telephone conference call/online format. Participants listen by conference call and view the presentation, live, online. The meeting leader and trusted servants that have taken The Twelve Steps in previous workshops present the information to new participants.

There is a $21 suggested 7th Tradition Contribution for this 5-week workshop. This is a MI Intergroup fundraiser. Proceeds for this event support the Spending Plans of GSR’s/ISR’s attending the annual Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference and the General Service Office of Debtors Anonymous. No one is turned away due to lack of funds. Scholarships (50:50) are available through our self-supporting workshop fund on an as-needed basis.

Upon receipt of your $21 suggested 7th Tradition Contribution you will receive the conference call telephone number and access code plus the link for the online presentation and your workshop registrant login. Use your registrant login to view and download the meeting agenda/schedule, handouts and suggested recovery resources.


The material presented in this 5-session, 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop is merely an outline of the original AA 12 Step Program along with a brief method of ‘Getting Started’ in Debtors Anonymous. This workshop IS NOT a shortcut to long-term recovery. It is an introduction…a brief course on the fundamentals…a foundation on which to build YOUR long-term recovery. You will be TAKING all 12 Steps in a 5-week period. We encourage and strongly suggest that you continue and deepen your Step Work with your Sponsor, within your DA or BDA meeting and within another Step Study group.