Newcomer and Sharing Partner Suggested Guidelines


Thank you for considering attending our 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop sessions.

The Suggested Guidelines for Newcomers are:

  1. Your primary obligation is to attend all five meetings.
  2. In order for the process to work, newcomers need to be matched up with D.A. members who are willing to guide them through the 5-week sessions. We will assign Sharing Partners to those who need them. If you have a sponsor that has participated in our 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop OR has attended a Back to Basics-The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners’ Meetings Workshop then, please, feel free to work with that person.
  3. We will read the appropriate part of the “AA Big Book” to you, specifically those passages that relate to taking The Twelve Steps. We read from the Fourth Edition.
  4. The online/desktop sharing feature presents the reading on your computer screen. If you are participating offline, have a “Big Book” and choose to follow along, please do so. We will announce each passage by page number and paragraph before we read it.
  5. We will guide you through all Twelve Steps as written by the “Big Book” authors. We suggest that you follow their directions, as we read them to you, and you too will recover from compulsive debting.
  6. Although a written inventory is part of the process, this does not mean you have to do the writing. The person who taking you through these sessions can help you write your inventory, or he or she can write it for you.


Thank you for considering to offer service as a Sharing Partner for new participants of our 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop.

The Suggested Guidelines for Sharing Partners are:

  1. Your time commitment to the new participant is approximately six weeks. After that, both you and the newcomer will be expected to assist others through the 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop.
  2. During the next six weeks, call or e-mail the newcomer prior to the first meeting and then frequently to offer encourangement and moral support.
  3. It is strongly suggested that you attend the weekly 12 Step Basic DA Recovery Workshop meetings with the newcomer.
  4. Offer to help the newcomer with his or her inventory. If necessary, fill out the checklist based on what the newcomer tells you. Keep in mind, the newcomer may not be able to complete the inventory without your help.
  5. Share your experience, strength, hope and recovery with the newcomer so that he or she can see how two-way prayer is working in your life.
  6. Based on your experience, strength, hope and recovery, answer any question the newcomer may have about the D.A. program and/or the D.A. way of life.