Thoughts from the Vocation Director

Thoughts from the Vocation DirectorAwareness of God comes as we allow ourselves to be surprised by the interdependence of everything around us, including us in that larger portrait, and follow that back asking from where did this all come. How does this exist? This … Continue Reading

Loneliness in a Time of Social Isolation

By Father Columba

When I lived and ministered in Dublin, we had a group of over 20 young people. We prayed and visited elderly friends in their homes and their nursing homes. One of my great friends was Gertrude, who … Continue Reading

“How Can This Be?” Viral Power at the Monastery


As of March 28, there were more than 600,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 around the world, and yet the diabolic stealth of the virus’ contagion remains not fully understood. COVID-19 transmits through asymptomatic carriers, it lingers in aerosolized … Continue Reading

Homily for the 5th Sunday in Lent – Come Forth

by Fr. Gerard Jonas

29 March 2020

Ez 37:12-14; Rom 8:8-11; Jn 11:1-45

In the midst of lockdowns and quarantines to contain the covid-19 pandemic, I suppose the sweetest words anyone would like to hear is what the Lord shouts … Continue Reading

Homily for the Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent – Words of Hope and Consolation

by Fr. Guerric Heckel

27 March 2020

When I look at all that has changed in our lives and world these past few weeks, when I acknowledge the uncertainties of our future, when I read the statistics that the US … Continue Reading

Prayer in Time of Crisis

Prayer in Time of Crisis

by Father Columba

Despite the fact that we are in lockdown, the monks continue to pray here at Mepkin. Seven times a day we gather in the church, and during that time we especially remember our friends who can no … Continue Reading

Theme Psalm of a Pandemic: Psalm 91

Theme Psalm of a Pandemic: Psalm 91

Each evening, we Trappist monks at Mepkin Abbey informally enter their monastic church from two sides, striding calmly to choir stalls for the final prayer service of the day. Compline, as this night liturgy is called, begins promptly at 7:30pm … Continue Reading

A Homily for the 4th Sunday of The Covid-19 Lent of 2020

by Fr. Guerric Heckel

Given the lock down/lock in and out nature of our community these days we are one of the few Eucharistic Communities able to celebrate Eucharist, in person, today. We are recording our entrance into this Eucharist, … Continue Reading

A Contemplative Confinement for the Layperson

A Contemplative Confinement for the Layperson

by Father Joseph Kerrigan, Mepkin Abbey

The coronavirus’ relentless global rampage intensifies daily.  Nations have been forced to seal borders. Within communities, many find their horizons likewise reduced to the confines of their living spaces.  And if residents can still … Continue Reading